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We optimize your website + funnels to work harder - so you don't have to.

Your metrics is hiding a story.

A story of what your customers are thinking, feeling and doing on the buyer's journey. We help you decode the story to get better results, at lower costs.

Since 2015, ZAG Studio has helped dozens of course creators, SaaS startups and online brands create and optimize marketing funnels and websites to sell products and services across various industries.These funnels have helped launch new offers, reduce ad costs on existing offers and rapidly grow sales to millions of dollars.Ready to grow faster than ever before?

We don't brag - but our clients do

more sales, without sales calls.

"On the first launch of a high-ticket coaching program - we did $100K in sales - with zero sales calls.On the second round (at a much higher price point) - we did a $250K launch.Couldn’t have done it without your awesome copy, so THANK YOU Satya!"— Steph G


“We went from 0.8% CTR to 4% CTR on our Facebook Ads - so we are getting more traffic and more sales at MUCH lower costs.Satya cracked the code for my ads way faster than I ever could!”— Lora S


“We’re now attracting bigger clients because they already know that we are a premium service provider even before they reach out.I can’t recommend Satya highly enough - in fact, I’m constantly sending clients her way because I know she’s amazing at what she does.”- Hester A.


“We offer financial services - so it was important that we got the right tone (professional & fun - but not flippant).Satya did a great job with finding that balance - her sense of humor and inputs for the design team made it a great experience to work with her.”- Greg B


"I launched my first-ever high-ticket career coaching program - aimed at aspiring C-Suite Executives in corporates.Satya helped me build out the sales funnel from scratch and within a few weeks - we generated $40,000 in sales.The best part is: it felt easy and attracted people I absolutely loved working with.Satya is amazing at what she does - so go hire her right now!- Carrie W


“Our financial product is very complex- so I was a bit concerned before we hired Satya. I was afraid that she won’t get it. But she actually got to the core of our offering really quickly - and simplify it for our clients as well.Working with Satya forced us to think critically about why we were saying things - and it’s great to work with people who take charge and ask questions (instead of just following orders).She’s smart, fast and easy to work with - if you need great copy, I’d recommend that you hire Satya.”- Charlie V


Meet the founder

Hey there, I'm Satya Jaganathan - the founder of ZAG Studio.Since 2015, I've helped dozens of clients create high-conversion websites, sales funnels and marketing assets that deliver results within weeks (instead of months or years).If you are an online business, eCommerce brand or SaaS company looking to reduce ad costs, increase conversions, drive more sales, speed up your sales cycle and attract more aligned customers - we can help make it happen.All our strategies are driven by YOUR data - so you can be assured that the 'marketing experiments' will actually work for your brand.

how we work

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Reduce ad costs, grow your sales and 3X your profits

your growth strategist

Fractional Chief Growth Officer

Hire Satya as the Chief Growth Officer for your brand on a monthly retainer to map out your growth strategy.Price available upon request


'Build A Funnel'

Get a high-conversion sales funnel - built for you in just 14 days.
Everything you need - from ads to landing pages to email funnels to sales pages - done for you, fast.
Starts at $10,000+


Facebook Ads Optimization & Growth

Spending too much money on FB ads - but not seeing the results you want? Let's fix that.Get ready to get higher quality leads & higher volume of sales (at much lower costs).Price available on request.

More Results from Clients


Dr Romie

We helped launch The Busy Brain Cure book and helped Dr Romie achieve best-seller status on the USA Today list - within 9 days of book launch.

course creator


Patricia is a world-renowned Feng Shui expert and the creator of the Powerhouse Feng Shui program. We consistently deliver 20-40X ROAS for Patricia's courses and programs.

community leader


Jen is the founder of Female Fusion and an award-winning entrepreneur with experience of over 20 years. We have helped Jen sell her courses and networking events around the world.


Ready to grow your sales and reduce ad costs?

Hey there, thanks for your interest in working with us.At the moment - we are opening only 1 new client slot per month - as our retainer clients are taking up most of our time. We are committed to delivering the highest quality of service to our clients - so our capacity is limited.Please use the form below to apply to work with us and we will get back to you with our scheduling link to get on a call (if there is a good fit).

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